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We have a No Kill mission to save the lives of animals abandoned and/or placed in kill shelters. Through outreach, education, and service, we provide homeless cats and dogs with an opportunity to live their full life. 



Adopt To Save

Please check our events calendar for upcoming adoption events! If you fall in love with one of our adoptables, but can't adopt or foster, please know that you can always make a charitable contribution towards their care! A large majority of our adoptables are not featured below. The majority of the pets that are featured below, are those that have been in our program for several weeks, to several months. If you want to see photos and information of additional adoptable pets in our program, please visit our Facebook Page!


D.O.B. 01.23.15 - Intake 03.22.17 - ID# 0160

D.O.B. 01.23.15 - Intake 03.22.17 - ID# 0160

Sasha is an adult female shepherd mix that is a little over two years old. She has the sweetest brown eyes and softest fur! Sasha, along with her babies, Panda and Prissy, were rescued from a shelter in Livingston by one of our dedicated fosters. Sasha is very playful and loves to play with smaller dogs and cats! She is such a sweetheart and loves affection from her human companions. Sasha knows how to sit for treats and is house and kennel trained! She is currently up to date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped and is receiving regular heartworm preventative. Sasha is still looking for her forever home! If you're interested in adopting Sasha, please complete our adoption application today!


D.O.B. 08.15.15 - Intake 08.20.16 - ID# 0080

D.O.B. 08.15.15 - Intake 08.20.16 - ID# 0080

Faith is a Domestic Shorthaired Brown Tabby Cat with the most beautiful green eyes! She is very sweet and mellow and loves to sit in the window to look at  the squirrels, birds, and leaves in the wind. She loves her daily canned food; her favorites are Friskies and Temptations Treats. Faith loves attention and cuddling. She was rescued off the streets shortly after giving birth to 3 beautiful kittens under a car during the rain. She was a fantastic mother and was very kind with our team as we worked to rescue and save them! She truly deserves a better future and a loving furever home! Complete our adoption application today! 



D.O.B. 08.18.16 - Intake 08.20.16 - ID# 0081

D.O.B. 08.18.16 - Intake 08.20.16 - ID# 0081

Farrah was rescued from a life of uncertainty when she was found under a car on the cold, rainy night she and her siblings were born. Farrah is a young, domestic short haired, brown tabby. Farrah is very stand-offish when you first get to know her, but quickly becomes interested in her surroundings. Farrah was the last of her siblings to warm up to her foster mom, but once she did, she became an instant cuddle-bug! Farrah loves to play with her feather toy, and she’s very curious if a new box is brought into the house! She bounces in and out of boxes like a little gopher! Farrah’s favorite thing to do is curl up on a freshly folded sheet for a sweet cat nap! Farrah is fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed, and in search of the purrfect forever home to call her own! If you’re interested in adding an adorable new kitten to your family, please complete our adoption application today!

A Life to Live's Adoption Program:

All animals in A Life to Live's Adoption Program are currently in the temporary care of approved Fosters within our foster program. Our Adoption and Foster Programs are dependent on one another and were created to truly provide us with the services we needed in order to save the lives of animals that would otherwise be roaming the street, playing the chances in a traditional shelter, or worse. We highly appreciate the help of our Fosters, as they are the volunteers that make our mission a reality! We are always looking for more Fosters to join our team! Help us save lives! Visit our foster page to learn more, or complete an online foster care application now!

Adoptable animals enter our Adoption Program through various ways. 90% of the animals that enter our program is through the rescue of at risk animals within the City of Baytown Animal Control facility, also known as City of Baytown Animal Services. We rescue cats and dogs based on foster availability, financial limitations, and administrative resources. The other 10% of the cats or dogs that enter our Adoption Program is through our foster to enroll program. The public has the ability to complete an enrollment application for their rescue or owned pet, requesting the enrollment of that pet with the commitment and understanding that they will foster the pet until adoption. In turn, we provide veterinary care, life-saving and training resources, and adoption services for that pet, ensuring the best possible future them!

Because our animals are in the care of Fosters, our Adoptables can be seen at our upcoming mobile adoption events. If there is a specific pup/dog/kitten/cat that you'd like to meet, please contact us with the specific animal you're interested in seeing. Due to limited space at our mobile Adoption Events, not every Adoptable is with us at each event. Contacting us in advance with your specific interests is necessary. If you view our event calendar and don't see an adoption event in the time frame that you're looking to adopt, then please contact us. We are flexible and can setup meet-n-greets outside of our scheduled Adoption Events for approved applicants; the submission/completion of our online canine or feline adoption application is required for meet-n-greets outside of our scheduled events.

Our standard Adoption Fees for approved adoptions is $100.00 for spayed/neutered dogs and cats. At the time of adoption, our dogs and cats will be up to date on their vaccinations, microchipped, on heartworm preventative, have had received dewormer, and are spayed/neutered. We provide a copy of the medical records for the Adoptable to the Adopter through the successful completion of the adoption process. Our Adoption Fees may vary throughout the year depending on promotions, specials, or added programs, like our Seniors for Seniors Program. And, because of our awesome supporters and donors, you may come across an available adoptable that has a waived adoption fee due to sponsorship! 

Our Seniors for Seniors Program was established to honor and promote the companionship between senior citizens in our community and the senior dogs or cats that we have in our adoption and foster program. Through this program, we waive the Adoption Fee for senior citizens (60+ years) and canine/felines companions (8+ years) that have come together to provide love, care and compassion for one another as they enter the golden years of their lives! 

Looking for a barn cat? We can help! Occasionally, our Good Felines program will trap a community cat.  These cats typically love to interact with people, other cats, and sometimes dogs; however, they don’t always make good indoor companions as they are miserable inside, leading to unhealthy habits, stress, illness and inappropriate elimination. Some cats are trapped near busy roads, are threatened by neighbors or business owners, or face injury or death due to predation. In these special circumstances, it is best to relocate a feral cat or an entire colony for the most positive outcome; that’s where you come in, to adopt to provide them with a better future, a safe shelter, and a stable living environment where they can live out the rest of their lives! Apply today!

If you have questions about our Adoption Program, please contact us! We are here with ears at alert, ready to listen and serve!

Adoptable Animals NOT within A Life to Live's Adoption Program:

If stated that the available "Adoptable" animal is not within A Life to Live's Adoption Program, the animal is in the care of an approved Foster home separate from A Life to Live's Foster Program. The post for the Adoptable animal is made as a complimentary favor for the Foster in an attempt to provide a better opportunity in finding a permanent home for the animal posted. A Life to Live is not responsible for the animals listed as complimentary posts for Fosters outside of A Life to Live's Adoption or Foster Program. The Foster is responsible for providing the animal in the general state, as mentioned within the description and information provided in the post for the animal. The Adopter is responsible for obtaining veterinary records from the Foster, and the Foster is responsible for providing all available veterinary records to the new Adopter. Arrangements for "Meet-and-Greets", the adoption application and approval process, and any other communication or necessary information are to be arranged between the Adopter and the Foster. 

A Life to Live is an incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Baytown, TX.  © 2017 A Life to Live. All Rights Reserved.