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We have a no-kill mission to save the lives of homeless cats and dogs abandoned and/or placed in kill shelters, while also providing life-saving programs and services to keep pets and their people together. Through outreach, education and service, we provide cats and dogs with an opportunity to live their full lives. 

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Our Data


Data is an incredibly important part of the work that we do. Data allows us to track progress, create benchmarks, identify gaps through analysis and understand how to better shape our programs or reallocate resources to better serve our community's needs so that we can save more lives. Numbers aren't always cuddly and cute, but it's just as important as the hands-on work to save pets. By sharing clear and tangible data with our community,  we're telling the story of the true impact our programs and services have on the animals we care for, as well as the effect on the community at-large.

Shelter Animals Count

Shelter Animals Count is a collaborative effort with broad representation from the animal welfare community. By creating standardized reporting and definitions for shelter statistics including intake, adoptions, return-to-owner, transfers, euthanasia and shelter deaths, we will increase live outcomes. The board is dedicated to furthering more transparency with anonymity through sharing of shelter data to increase lifesaving opportunities. A Life to Live is a proud participant of this collaborative effort to ensure consistent and accurate reporting to assist with life-saving efforts nationwide.

2017 Shelter Animals Count Annual data

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2017 annual Live Release Rate (lifesaving percentage)

Annual Live Release Rate is calculated by dividing total live outcomes (adoptions, outgoing transfers, and return to owner/guardian) by total outcomes (total live outcomes plus euthanasia, not including died/lost in shelter/care). 

Calculation: Adoptions + All Outgoing Transfers + Return to Owner/Guardian/Field/Community (includes Community Cat Program) divided by Total Outcomes, excluding dogs and cats that died or were lost in the shelter/care.

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Please refer to The Asilomar Accords for further explanation of this calculation and associated data. The one exception to The Asilomar Accords is the identification and inclusion of Community Cat Programming. Please note that the Annual Live Release Rate does not include the 1 cat where the owner/guardian requested euthanasia (which was unhealthy & untreatable) and the 1 dog and 9 cats that died or were lost in our care. 

2017 Shelter Animals Count Detailed data Break Down


A Life to Live is an incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Baytown, Texas.  © 2019 A Life to Live. All rights reserved.

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Our lifesaving successes are made possible in part by our passionate partners: