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We have a No Kill mission to save the lives of animals abandoned and/or placed in kill shelters. Through outreach, education, and service, we provide homeless cats and dogs with an opportunity to live their full life. 



foster to enroll

As a small, but growing, nonprofit private organization that is 100% foster-based, we have limited space within our program to enroll owned or rescued stray pets. We operate at maximum capacity, saving as many lives as we feasibly can. Because our main focus is saving homeless animals within Baytown Animal Control that are at a high risk of euthanasia, and that only have a small window of opportunity for a second chance at life, we won't be able to open space within our program for every enrollment application for currently owned or rescued pets.

If we have the availability to enroll your pet, you will be asked to foster the pet until adoption in order to enroll them; this means that you enter into a contractual relationship with our organization where you house and care for the animal until they are adopted. Keep in mind that the duration in which the animal stays in our program until adoption can vary from a couple of weeks to several months; there is no guarantee that they will be adopted within a certain time frame. 

However, there are more options than enrollment that we can provide that will give your pet or rescued stray a better opportunity for a brighter future. We can assist you in caring for your pet or your rescue by offering you a list of other resources and programs that can help keep your pet or stray within the comfort of a home until adopted or until enrolled into another rescue, shelter or organization. Also, there are available options that may allow you to keep your pet or your rescued stray in your own home, simply by providing you with the resources that you need. 

If your pet is enrolled, rest assured A Life to Live works towards finding a forever home for every animal in our program. Through our partnering veterinarians, we provide medical care, testing, vaccinations, examinations, dewormer, heart worm preventive, spay/neuter surgery and microchipping. Our team lists every Adoptable on our website, social media pages, and various adoption related sites online. Additionally, we show our Adoptables at various mobile adoption events in and around the Baytown area, including PetSmart and Petco on Garth Rd. We list every adoption event on our website and Facebook Page. We require everyone that is interested in adopting from A Life to Live to complete an adoption application in which our team reviews thoroughly. Prior to adoption, we require the completion of a contractual agreement regarding the proper care of the adopted pet. To say the least, we care deeply about the pets that come through our program and we work to ensure that we find the best possible home for each and every one. 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENROLL AN ANIMAL INTO OUR PROGRAM, and you are wilLing to foster the pet until adoption, PLEASE COMPLETE OUR ENROLLMENT APPLICATION and our foster care application! our team will be in touch soon!

A Life to Live is an incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Baytown, TX.  © 2017 A Life to Live. All Rights Reserved.