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We have a no-kill mission to save the lives of homeless cats and dogs abandoned and/or placed in kill shelters, while also providing life-saving programs and services to keep pets and their people together. Through outreach, education and service, we provide cats and dogs with an opportunity to live their full lives. 

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Foster To Save

We are currently 100% foster-based; all of our current adoptables are in the temporary loving care of approved Fosters within our Foster Program. Our Foster Program consists of a network of volunteers committed to saving the lives of homeless pets by opening their homes to provide shelter, food, water and care until the pet is adopted.  Our Foster Program and Adoption Program are dependent on one another and were created to truly provide us with the services we needed in order to save the lives of homeless animals that would otherwise be roaming the street, playing the chances in a traditional kill shelter, or worse.

We highly appreciate the help of our Fosters, as they are the volunteers that make our mission a reality! We are always looking for more Fosters to join our team! Help us save lives!

Some animals are in an immediate need of a temporary home prior to finding their permanent family. Opening your home and heart to an animal in need can truly make a huge impact on their life and their future. If you have questions about our Foster Program, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Interested in joining a life saving team? Apply to become a Foster today! Complete an online foster care application now!

A Life to Live is an incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Baytown, Texas.  © 2017 A Life to Live. All rights reserved.