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We have a no-kill mission to save the lives of homeless cats and dogs abandoned and/or placed in kill shelters, while also providing life-saving programs and services to keep pets and their people together. Through outreach, education and service, we provide cats and dogs with an opportunity to live their full lives. 


"Pursuing No Kill" is our active blog that highlights the work that we do as we continue to live out our no-kill mission to save the lives of homeless pets within our community! 

Sweet Support from Glaze Baking Company

Jay Garrett

Because A Life to Live is a non-profit organization, we count on the generous nature of people in Baytown and surrounding communities to help support our efforts.

Glaze Baking Company and its customers are among those who contribute to our cause. A donation container sits at the front desk of the bakery, located at 2803 N. Alexander.


“Since we started doing it, the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Joni Glaze, who opened the business in January. “A lot of people are reading about the plight of animals in Baytown and overall, so they are really willing to donate their spare dollars and change. And I don’t take tips. I put them right in there.”

The bakery specializes in baked goods, cakes and desserts, but also serves breakfast and lunch items. Cheesecakes are Joni’s signature item.

At home, Joni and her husband, Clint, enjoy the company of several pit bull rescues and a rescue cat.

“At any given time, we have a myriad of cats,” Joni said. “We’ve also had squirrels, snakes, a ferret that I recently rehomed, and all kinds of things.”

On Saturdays, you will find customers who bring their dogs to the bakery. “We’re very dog friendly,” added Joni, who is fully behind the goal of Baytown becoming a no-kill community.

A Life to Live is always looking for local partners to host one of our donation containers at their business. If you’re able to help out like Joni, please let us know at

Learn more about Glaze Baking Company on Facebook.


Written by David Berkowitz, public relations coordinator.